Giant TelCos in the Philippines

When it comes to mobile data or internet in general, we in the Philippines, generally think of the big ones. These include Smart, Globe, Sun, etc. They’ve built their reputation with the people and have established themselves as the top companies for best phone/sim-related services in the Philippines. But  GOMO, a Globe subsidiary focusing on data, and DITO or the Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, which was founded in 1998, have been rising in popularity recently. And we think it’s fair to compare and see how they stack up against the giants. In this article, we’re going to discuss the ranking of GOMO vs Smart and DITO.

Unlimited Plan

Starting with the newly rising DITO, let’s take a look at their Unlimited Data plan, where you can use their data to browse the internet as much as you want for a set period; No Expiration Data plan, where you have a set pool of data to use whenever or wherever you want, with no expiry date; and also their Internet Speed, to see how they rank.

GOMO SIMDITO’s Unlimited Data, DITO UNLI 499 gives you unlimited 5Mbps data for 30 days. With the first 2GB using their “High-speed data” before lowering to 5Mbps, refreshing daily. Using the GigaLife app, Smart subscribers can avail Smart UNLI 299 for 30 days of unlimited data. No High-speed data cap is listed, so it is assumed that their network works optimally for the full 30 days. GOMO’s answer is their “Unlimited data up to 5 Mbps” plan, which doesn’t have a catchy name like the other two. GOMO offers unlimited data up to 5Mbps for 30 days. Same as with Smart, no cap is said. So we can assume their network is fully optimal for 30 days. As to the price comparison above, we can safely say Smart is the best choice for this category.

No Expiration Offer

DITO offers only a limited pool of plans, owing to how it’s fairly new in the market. And none of them are “no expiry” plans, but they promise to develop some in the future. Smart on the other hand, being the giant that it is, has a lot of plans that fit the description. MAGIC DATA 399, which gives 24GB of data to be used with no expiry, being one of them. Lastly, GOMO’s success can be traced to their “no expiry” plans, the most famous one being their GOMO 25GB no expiry, for 299. GOMO wins in the category of “no expiry”, because it has the most worth, with less for more.