Granular lockdown in GenSan suggests City Councilor

Granular lockdown is better for the whole city of GenSan!

General Santos City: Granular lockdown is the suggestion of General Santos City Councilor Jose Edmar Yumang to put the whole General Santos City under General Community Quarantine.

According to him that the granular lockdown can be implemented quicker and will not put big impact on the economy and government funds.

Under the granular lockdown, only the house of the positive, the closest houses or only the purok will be locked down and and not the entire city.

edmar yumang

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Additional statement of Kagawad Yumang that if the granular lockdown will be fulfilled, the focus will be on the relief that will be affected by the house and not the whole city.

He believes that with the implementation of the granular lockdown the people won’t have a hard time especially the workers.

Source: RMN Gensan

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