The cries of the babe soft and sweet, are the music of  hearts that beat, made the people around busy as a bee, bringing forth voices with glee.   The newborn unmindful of everyone, open the eyes, stretch, and yawn, and those watching cheer, for such a cute dear.   The place becomes a home…

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Success is not overnight

The man heaved. How long has it been since he shut himself from the world?  It seemed just a few hours ago as he felt the heavy blow that struck him but he knew it was a couple of weeks already. His mind tried hard to focus. Enough for all the sentiments. He finally stood…

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The Lady or the Tiger? A Point to Ponder

 One morning, the Literature professor decides to check on how well his students comprehend a topic, know about the subject they are studying, and give reasons. He distributes the copies of the short story, “The Lady or the Tiger?” It goes like this in summary: There lived a semi-barbaric king who had a fanciful nature….

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Causes of depression, the silent enemy

Millions of people around the globe suffer a feeling of brokenness that never goes away and no matter what one’s family and friends do to comfort, to ease the feeling, to help, yet the monster within keeps pushing thoughts that make living a nightmare as things are bleak. In the light of scientific studies, depression…

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