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Internet data is highly a priority nowadays, most especially if you have online business or online classes. In conjunction to this, data is also quite expensive in the Philippines.

In the Southeast Asia region, Philippine internet is one of the most expensive while the neighboring countries enjoy cheap and fast internet connection, the Philippines does the opposite. Telcos give data promotion but seems not always fine. Users are always complaining about many things such as expiration and connection. Well in this article, we are going to talk about expiration.

Lately, the government made an order to the telcos to extend prepaid load expiration up to one year from the time it is downloaded to subscribers SIM or account unlike in the previous years that load expires within a day or so depending on the denomination. The most is one month. In this article, we are talking about the prepaid accounts.

When it comes to internet data, it is still the same as the old policy. Just to make a difference between the data and load credit: data is the internet data that is used to open certain website or app in megabyte (MB) or gigabyte (GB) while load credit is the money or load (in peso) in the user’s account or SIM pack.

Internet data still expires at least one day to one month depending on the amount or type of subscription to apply. However, it is so exciting that SMART communications offers a no-expiration data to their prepaid subscribers. It is precedented by GOMO SIM powered by Globe. Now SMART subscribers can avail the NO-EXPIRATION data for at least 99 pesos with 2 GB of data. It also offers 24 GB for 399 pesos.


After these, the next question is, will it be worth the price the subscribers pay for? Well, if we compute the price for the data, the lower the amount of data you buy, the more expensive it is. Here is the comparison of each plan:

Plan Price Cost/GB
2GB 99  P49.50
6GB 199 P33.17
24GB 399 P16.63

How to get up to 53% off of Smartload load?

Load credit retail price is fixed or some retailers charge additional amount to each load denomination. Some charge 2 pesos on top of the credit subscribers buy. But here we are gonna share our technique how to get 53% discount. Yes, you are right! 53% discount of load credit.
It is very simple! All you have to do is to install Shopee App and buy load straight from the app. shopee offers a lot of promo discount and for prepaid mobile load credit they offer up to 53% off for smaller denominations. If you need to buy 24GB magic data, you have to load your SIM 20 times from your Shopee App. Make sure to activate your Shopee Pay wallet to buy load from the app which we are going to share next time.
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