Best and In Demand Jobs for Fresh Graduates in 2014

Best Jobs for Fresh Graduates in 2014

Graduation time is over and there are thousands of newly graduates are looking for immediate job. Because of the number of graduates, competition for a certain job is very high. However, fresh grads need not to look for high paying jobs outside the country because many of the Philippine employers are still looking for new graduates and pay competitively according to survey last year. Many companies, most especially in the travel and tourism industry, are still looking for qualified newly graduate employees.

Other industry including hotel front desk staff, sales agents and hotel representatives, aviation specialists, cabin crews, junior payable analysis, reservation officers and digital marketing specialists are still in demand for fresh graduates. Salary can be up to P20, 629.00 per month (which is the highest pay) depending of the type of job you are looking for.

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Jobs related to tourism is normally the highest paid and in need of more workforce because of high demand. Other industry like the telecommunication will also pay close to P20, 000 or an average of P19, 975 pesos per month.

Technicians, electronics and communications engineers, human resource assistants, graphic artists, and research assistants are job the few jobs in telecommunication industry.

Summary of High Paying Jobs in the Philippines

Here is the summary of the high paying jobs in the Philippines (based on the type of industry) with the corresponding salary as of 2014.

  • Travel and Tourism (hotel front desk staff, sales agents and hotel representatives, aviation specialist, cabin crews, junior payable analysts, reservation officers, and digital marketing specialists)—P20, 629/month.
  • Telecommunication (technicians, electronics and communication engineers, human resource assistants, graphic artists, and research assistants)—P19, 972/month.
  • Computer and Information Technology (computer technicians and software engineers)—P18, 963/month. Other High Paying Jobs.
  • (IT experts/Computer hardware)—P19, 447/month.
  • Hotel and Hospitality—P18, 940/month.
  • Computer/IT in software—P18, 863/month.
  • Healthcare/Medical—P18, 387/month.
  • Call Center/IT-enabled services/BPO—P17, 711/month.
  • Banking and Finance services—P17, 503/month.
  • Law and Legal—P16, 845/month.
  • Education—P16, 557/month.

2014 is probably the luckiest year for those who graduated in the Information Technology courses because they are the highest paid and in demand workforce.

Newly graduates need not to worry to get hired because 83% of the companies in 2013 hired fresh graduates most especially for accounting and finance, human resources, and marketing departments. Philippines marketing director Yoda Buyco advised the fresh graduates to apply for their “dream job” before graduating or as early as January to June. Good luck to all fresh graduates and welcome to the world of labor force! Mabuhay!

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