The cries of the babe soft and sweet,

are the music of  hearts that beat,

made the people around busy as a bee,

bringing forth voices with glee.


The newborn unmindful of everyone,

open the eyes, stretch, and yawn,

and those watching cheer,

for such a cute dear.


The place becomes a home stage,

where all the characters are engaged,

hastening and gliding,

keeping watch while working.


Enthroned as the baby seems,

everyone’s ready with gleams,

not to spoil but to give

comfort and love to the newborn babe.


The child whom the family and friends adore,

to God they silently implore,

abundant blessings to be bestowed,

upon the bundle of joy’s abode.


That the baby grows healthy and happy,

with a successful and loving personality,

guidance from the people around,

to help security abound.


A tough day indeed all forgotten,

what transpires is pure endearment,

praying for blessings,

because of love abounding.


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