List of latest SMART Data Promos for 2022

 As one of the biggest telecommunication providers in the Philippines, SMART Telecommunications has improved its services when it comes to data promos. Here is the list of the latest SMART Data promo which can be bought easily online. Photo courtesy: VIDEO WITH CALL/TEXT PROMO Giga Video 50 1 GB sharable data 1 GB Every day…

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Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money?

  CRYPTOCURRENCY: THE FUTURE OF MONEY? Last year was a wild ride for cryptocurrencies. From the highs of Bitcoin at almost 20,000 in December to the lows of the current bear market, which has seen the value of most cryptocurrencies fall below 10,000, it has been a rollercoaster for investors.   Despite the volatility, one thing…

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5 Simple Ways to Retire at 30

Early retirement is something that many people can only dream of. The reality is that, most of us will have to work until we are in our 60s or worse – work for the rest of our lives without retiring at all. But what if retiring early actually is possible? What if I told you…

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