Finding the Volume of a Pyramid

My Grade 4 daughter  had this Math lesson during the third grading period of this school year. Given that there is no teacher-student interaction, the lesson seemed hard for her. In order for me to teach her this Math lesson in a more interesting way, I used a whiteboard animation app. 

Well, to be honest, this lesson seem a bit hard and confusing. The video above is going to help you. 

Here are some helpful tips that you might need.

  1. Know the formula. Volume of a Pyramid = 1/3 LWH 
  2. The length and the width serve as the base of the pyramid.
  3. Therefore, we can also say Volume of a Pyramid = 1/3 X Base X Height
The pyramid in the video has a length of 8 cm, width of 6 cm and height of 10 cm.
  • Start by writing down the formula. V = 1/3LWH
  • Substitute the given value in the formula. V = 1/3 (8cm)(6cm)(10cm)
  • V = 1/3 (480cm3)
  • Thus, the volume of the given pyramid is 160cm3 .

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