Gloves for Filipino Sign Language Conversion to Speech

 In this modern age where technology keeps its digital prowess, many inventions soar. One of these is the creation of gloves that convert sign language into speech. The world witnessed the birth of this phenomenal innovation. It has already gained a spectrum and continuously works for further enhancement in which the deaf, in particular, be benefitting this product of ingenuity.

One major shift for an accolade is the Philippines’ pride as gloves were programmed to convert Filipino Sign Language into speech. This was made possible by some Electrical Engineering students of the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC). Their project-goal is for the Deaf and Speech-Impaired people to have a voice that the communication barrier be lessened, be given opportunities and grow in their respective careers. 

YT: Sagisag TV

These innovative gears have received both applause for recognition as well as snide remarks pointing out that they don’t help the minority because of the complexity of sign language and the pertinent aspects involved in this matter.

The two sides of the coin presented voice out change. People react because there is a stimulus. Let it shine forth. Go on with the project to make it well-deserved. 

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