Reason Why You Must Wrap You Luggage at the Airport

I have traveled quite a lot locally and internationally but never mind about my luggage. People normally travel with luggage and check them in the airport before the actual flight. For a long time, people would never think what could happen to their luggage once inside the airport already but this video show what could happen to your luggage after checking them in.

This might a rare situation but could happen to anyone.

Putting big locks and tight zip on your luggage is not always safe for your luggage. You don’t know what people in your local or international courier think and might be interested to what is inside your luggage.

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There is some ways to put extra security on your valuables while travelling. Wrap them with yourself or have them wrapped at the airport at a very cheap price. In the NAIA terminal 3, the price may range from P250 up or per kilo. While in the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok Thailand, the wrapping charge for small luggage is only THB 150 or THB 250 for large one.

Enjoy your trip with extra safety for your valuables. God bless.

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