Education is a right!


It is a right, not a privilege.

It is constitutionally stipulated.

It envisions for moral and morale.

The country aspires for education for all.

A deeper look at it and one visualizes,

The young students are being taught the colors.

They learned the primary, secondary and tertiary hues,

till their significance in life skills come into existence.

The young learners are brought to see the differences in shapes,

And be aware of the impact that they exhibit.

For you see, learning is not limited.

It is unbounded.

Students do not go to school just to learn the alphabet.

It is to be able to develop the skill to read between the lines.

It is to identify numbers from 0 to 100 or higher in figures,

As well as to learn schematic approaches to have calculations,

using the plus and minus,

The multiplication and division,

and arrive at the answer…or an answer,

depending on how the person looks at it and gets the solution.

Again, it is a right.

Do not be misled.

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