TAAL Update: 3 short phreatomagmatic 48 volcanic shake recorded in 24 hours

Philvocs has recorded three (3) short phreatomagmatic eruption that occurred between 10:25 to 11:01 AM producing 100 meters jet plumes above the main crater lake yesterday, July 3. There were also forty-eight (48) recorded volcanic earthquakes within 24 hours.

Alert level 3 still remains while the whole Taal island is a permanent danger zone. Entry to the island is prohibited and people in the neighboring places were evacuated to the evacuation centers.

Taal 012420 6AM 1 CNNPH

Authorities warn residents to be vigilant for possible stronger explosion and volcanic tsunami at anytime. Civil aviation authorities advised pilots to avoid flying over Taal Volcano island area as airborne ash, volcanic smog or vog and ballistic fragments from sudden explosion and pyroclastic density currents are hazardous to aircraft.

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