What is Affiliate Marketing and how to Apply with Involve Asia?

 What is an Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is a process by which someone could earn commission for promoting someone’s product or business online. Because of the growing potential market online, companies are also trying to catch them up. However, competition is also tough that’s why a lot of companies are willing to pay little amount, usually by percentage, to the people who are willing to promote their products in their specialized platform.

Affiliate Marketing uses unique code or link assigned to each affiliate partner. This code or link is used to track activities involved in a certain affiliate account. It also uses cookies that is stored in customer’s web browser or device to get information when the customer buy the product being promoted.
Affiliate Marketing differs from Dropshipping or other types of marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing uses code or link while Dropshipping does not necessarily use the latter. In affiliate marketing, affiliates do not need monetary capital to get started but the in Dropshipping, you might be required to pay certain amount before you can start the business.

What is Involve Asia?

Involve Asia is the number one Affiliate Marketing Solution for Businesses in Asia that has a main office in Malaysia.
Involve Asia is a performance-based marketing company trusted by known brands for Affiliate Marketing solutions. It uses “Involve”, a popular Affiliate Marketing platform connecting businesses to their publishers to achieve their advertising and marketing goals.
Involve Asia is founded in 2014 in Malaysia by some young business minded people and later on expanded its operation to Indonesia, Thailand, and now in the Philippines. It is recognized by the Malaysian government for its ICT-facilitated business.
The name Involve Asia is named from its vision of a unified platform that integrates thousands of marketing campaign and partners across Asia. To know more about Involve Asia you check their website here.

How to Sign Up as Affiliate?

Involve Asia gives opportunity to both Publishers and Advertisers to connect each other. Being a publisher, you will have an opportunity to earn money by promoting various product of the leading brands people already know and like to buy. To sign up as an Affiliate, follow the guide below get approved right away.
Step 1: Go to Involve Asia home page and click Sign-Up

Step 2: Get ready for your website property to be used to promote your affiliate links.

Property URL is your website, FB Profile, FB Group, FB Page, YouTube Channel link where you promote your affiliate.

Name of Property is your desired name to identify certain URL property.


Channel is to identify which channel your property belong. For example, ad network, comparison, content, coupons, influencer, loyalty, etc. This must be related to your property.

If you are applying property for your Facebook profile, page, or group, it is best to choose influencer or content.
After choosing the right channel for your property, you can describe what your property is about. Here you can say, “This is my Facebook page where I share my affiliate products to more than 1,000 followers which will generate about 10-50% conversion.”
It is up to you how you will describe your property which will help Involve Asia review and approve your application the quickest possible.
Once finished describing your property, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Submit and wait for the approval of you application. It may take 24 to 48 hours to get approved but in my case, it took only 2-4 hours and I got approved.
God bless towards your journey in affiliate marketing. I wish your soon approval in your application.
    1.) If you choose YouTube channel as your property URL, you just need at least 50 subscribers, 10 videos, 100 WH
    2.) For FB pages, you just need 30-20 followers and 3-5 posts.

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