Leadership Competency: Success in Business Management



As a Chief Executive Officer, Margarette knows how tough it is to be a woman, much more to be in the corporate world, the men’s dominion. She has been in this world since ages ago, she doesn’t want to count the years for even now she still plays her cards well but this time she has to make a shrewd decision. This is another of those major breakthroughs. She arrives at the conference hall, takes her seat, straightens up, and with that distinct tone her employees know so well, she starts:

Our company has continuously been soaring up high, and I deeply thank each and every one of you for you had greatly contributed to where we are now in economic standing. Without much ado, I am greatly pleased to announce that Mr. Ethan De Vera is now our new Marketing Manager.

Ms. Rochelle Hernandez silently reads the storyline given to her about Margarette. She shakes her head. This is their team building and the very short description is the focus of her group’s presentation. She gathers her teammates. They discuss. They choose to role-play the scenario with additional colors of the “behind the scenes” episodes that lead to the promotion of the said person in the story.

Rochelle’s team, with such a limited time frame, sets up the place and acts out the performances with much passion. They portray how the CEO comes to such a smart decision. The other teams quietly observe. Here it goes as a continuation to the scaffolding events:

Margarette examines each file on her table. These are the candidates for her company’s managerial position. Each one stands out. They have remarkably earned themselves feats. They are hardworking and she acknowledges their efforts fairly. One by one she looks at the files and as she does, she recalls every turning point which the nominees have done and achieved. She looks at her wristwatch, arranges the files, and gets ready for a midday meeting that she needs to attend.

When she goes out, she hears one of her employees warmly greeting their janitor. She merely glances at the scenario. The secretary hurriedly reminds her that she has a full schedule of the day. She somehow feels excited about today’s activities. She only has few short breaks, yet, she is full of energy. She follows every proposal presented by some departments for a new machinery scheme with great interest. She asks the group in what manner the brilliant approaches be kicking off? One department head answers her with great assurance as he says he knows that the company is stable enough to move with the stake. Another person replies that she will do her best to put things forward even if it means that she will be working overtime for it. Then another says that he and his department are working hand in hand to study it more and to strengthen whatever it is that shows advancements. Back in the office, she makes a choice.

A business to flourish needs persons who have the genuine abilities to see their colleagues’ capabilities and potentials. Those who lead and influence others to work towards a shared goal. Those who are skilled in managing people without imposing, working with integrity, having accountability in every sphere of the responsibility, and believing in each one in the organization. They are those who are humane in dealings even with the people in the lowest positions.

As the curtain closes and everybody claps, someone speaks behind. All heads turn and they see their very own Chief Executive Officer. They listen to what he is saying:

Those are the very reasons I see in you, Rochelle. You have a superior performance, yet your feet are always on the ground. I have no doubt that you well deserve the vice president position in the company. Congratulations on being a true leader. Keep it up.

Everyone cheers. They go to Rochelle who stands in awe, mouth agape.

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